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Introducing the new QLaser NG+ product line

The designers, engineers, and manufacturing teams at QLaser have done it again! When introduced well over a dozen years ago, the original Q1000 - now called the Legacy Edition - delivered more functionality than any other low level laser available.

The Next Generation series was introduced less than four years ago; more therapeutic features were included while ergonomics and useability were improved. Once again QLasers offered more therapeutic options at a lower cost than most other professional-grade cold lasers.

Now QLasers introduces the Next Generation Plus (NG+) with an updated Q1000NG+ and two new NG+ Enhancer-style probes:

Q1000NG+ NG+ Enhancers
  • Continuous wave output for more energy per treatment cycle.
  • Simultaneous operation with NG+ Enhancers. "Dual Treatment" capability with two Q1000NG+. Longer interconnect cable.
  • Thinner, lighter case.
  • Expanded custom setting options.
  • Pulsed output with Therapy Modes - no separate programming required.
  • Simultaneous operation with Q1000NG+.
  • Color coded rings simplify probe identification.

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